Social Responsibility

In 1995, Dr. Fabio Bibancos launched the book “Sorriso feliz para seu filho” and started to do speeches about dental prevention and private schools, and, at the end of the speeches, mothers would come by and thank him.
After some time, he started to do the same speeches at public schools, and at the end, the mothers would come talk to him and say: “I understand what you have said, doctor, but look at my child’s mouth”.
There were children with serious dental health problems – cavities, lost teeth, pain – so he would ask for the mother to bring her children to his clinic. The speeches continued through public schools and mothers that were worried with their children’s oral health also continued to appear. So, Dr. Fabio started to ask his friends to help providing dental care for these children as well.
It was from there that the social organization Turma do Bem and the project Dentista do Bem were born.
Tdb (Turma do Bem) is an OSCIP (Civil Society Organization with a Public Interest) and has as its main project DENTISTA DO BEM. In this project, volunteer dentists provide free dental care for teens, between 11 and 17 years old, at their own clinic. These teens are select by TdB (selecting the one that are the most poor, with an age that is near their first job and with the worst oral health conditions) and they receive total and free dental care until they turn 18 years old.
Today, there are more than 16 thousand volunteer dentists that provide care for more than 61 beneficiaries. These dentists are located through Brazil, Latin America and Portugal.
To assure the transparency and seriousness of its work, TdB annually goes through two audits: Justice Ministry (for the renewal of its OSCIP certification) and Enrst&Young Terco (fiscal audit).
Turma do Bem is today one of the five organizations with the most social impact of the planet, according to Ashoka, a global pioneer organization which supports people that have creative ideas capable of social impact.
Coordinating TdB, Dr. Fabio Bibancos was recognized as a Social Entrepreneur by Schwab Foundation in 2006, and in 2007 he became a Fellow Ashoka. In 2016 won the Visionaris – UBS Award to the Social Entrepreneur.