“THE MUTANS WAR” At a playful way, the dentist Fabio Bibancos shows how bad eating habits and lack of care with dental health can become an entire family victim of mutans, bacterium that are present in our mouths and can cause cavities and inflammation process at our gums. The story became a play at the theater and a phone app. Editora CLA, 2000.

The Mutans War – Free for iPad


“BOCA!” More than an odontology guide – and written at a clear, light weighted  and humorous language -, the dentist Fabio Bibanco puts down myths and gives a broad orientation for the reader to take care of his dental health, boost his self esteem, improve his well being and, specially, keep a healthy smile. Editora Abril, 2005.


“SORRISOS DO BRASIL” Having as a curator the dentist Fabio Bibancos, this selection of pictures shows smiles of anonymous and famous people, such as Chico Buarque and Hebe Camargo, and the cover by Vik Muniz. The profit from the sales were given to Turma do Bem, a social organization founded by Dr. Fabio. Editora Van Moorsel Andrade & Cia Ltda, 2007.


“COMO EU TRATO” Fabio Bibancos and his team from Instituto Bibancos were invited for a challenge to transform a smile in 90 days. The stages of this process were done step by step, pictured and described at the day clinic system. VM Cultural Editora, 2011.


“UM SORRISO FELIZ PARA SEU FILHO” At an easy guide, the dentist Fabio Bibancos gathers the measures parents should take during childhood to prevent cavities and other dental problems, assuring their children of a healthy smile. It has the endorsement of Associação Brasileira de Odontologia. Editora CLA, 1995.