Our Staff


CRO/SP 34408
CRO/RJ 39138
Specialist at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, he is a master at Public Health. Leads Instituto Bibancos team in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Author of five books in the dentistry universe, since 1987 he runs a successful business in all areas of Odontology. He is the founder and volunteer president of Turma do Bem, which was created in 2002. He received the title of Social Entrepreneur by Schwab Foundation and by Ashoka as the Visionaris Prize by swiss bank, UBS. Hyperactive, he likes to do many things at the same time. He is demanding and always works for everyone’s best. His hobby is to cook for friends. He is the father of Bernardo, who was a major inspiration for the foundation of TdB.


CRO/SP 32110
Graduated in 1995 from Universidade Paulista and specialized in Radiology, Dr. Carol is an excellent manager, and is responsible for managing Instituto Bibancos treatments. She is paulistana, mother of Gabi and Camila, and loves beaches from the wonderful city – Rio de Janeiro!


CRO/SP 32345
Has an Unicamp master and a doctorate degree in Buco-Maxillofacial Surgery and Treatment, having studied also at Texas University, Dr. Peter takes care of this area at Instituto Bibancos. German, he is married and father of Catarina and Helena. His hobbies are cooking and fishing.


CRO/SP 76470
CRO/RJ 40071
Graduated in 2002 from Universidade de São Francisco and with a postgraduate degree at Imaging, Public Health and Sustainability, Development and Management of Social Projects, Dr. Leo is the manager of Instituto Bibancos. At his free hours, his favorite hobby is to watch TV series. He enjoys being among friends and loves being with his family – and his 13 nephews – at Pedreira, SP.


CRO/SP 43482
Graduated in 1990 from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), is a specialist and responsible for prosthesis. Married and mother of Eduardo and Isabel, at her free time she likes to be with her children. She is a fan of Corinthians Futebol Clube.


CRO/SP 89315
Graduated from Universidade de Guarulhos in 2005, dr. Marília is responsible for the areas of dentistry, prosthesis and implant. Single, she likes to party and a fan of São Paulo Futebol Clube, and her most loyal mate is her lovely dog.


Gratuated in 2013 from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) – Araçatuba, Dra Mariana is specialist in Orthodontics and Orthopedics of Jaws. In her free time Mariana loves to cook, she is in love with the art of gastronomy. Other than that she loves to hang out with her friends.


CRO/SP 82757
Responsible for root canal treatment and microscopy, dra. Juliana is our specialist in endodontics. Married, has a daughter named Gabriela. Addicted to fitness, has a passion for cooking and movies.


CRO/RJ: 38814
Graduated from UERJ, she is a specialist at Periodontics, Dentistry and Prosthesis. Fan of Vasco Futebol Clube, Dr. Bruna likes listening to music, going to the movies and practicing yoga!


Gratuated in 2006 from Universidade de Odontologia de Valença, Dra. Maria Fernanda is a specialist in Orthodontics and is a postgraduated in the areas of Radiology, Aesthetics and Endodontics. In her free time she loves to do craftwork and a handicraft! Her team of heart is Fluminense. She also loves to hang out with friends and travel with her family! Dra Maria has a 4 year old daughter with Dr Armando, she is the reason of their existence! She tries to enjoy every second with her family, always with lots of love and fun!



CRO: RJ-CD-46323 IS
CNES 33045501032013
CRORJ 3797
Gratuated in 2006 from Faculdade de Odontologia de Valência (FOV), Dr. Armando has a PhD in Public Health – UCES Argentina. He’s a specialist in Implantology and Orthodontics. Armando is the dentist director from Instituto Bibancos de Odontologia in Rio de Janeiro. He loves football and his team of heart is Cruzeiro. In his free time, he loves to travel with his wife and kid and also hang out with his friends. Also, he loves to ride his bike on the montains of Minas Gerais!