Day Clinic


Thinking about that, we developed our Day Clinic system to contribute for our patients’ well being.

At the Day Clinic system, our patients reduce the amount of visits to the dentists and compress planned appointment hours; this allows more time in the day for other activities. In this sense, we obtain immediate results at a short time, increasing highly our patients’ comfort.
Through this methodology, we offer treatment to people from other cities and countries.

Crio preservation – stem cells
Dental pulp from adult and baby teeth stores a precious treasure, capable of benefiting your and your children’s health.

It is capable of producing stem cells, and health treatments through this method are increasingly common and effective. The isolation, multiplication and preservation of these cells are the only way of guaranteeing that they may be used in the future, if necessary. And this includes the treatment of diseases, from severe illnesses – that today do not have a cure (such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s) – to less severe ones, such as fractures and burn hazards.

All of these are possible through the partnership with R Crio, the pioneer enterprise that is specialized in cryopreservation of stem cells and genetic mapping.

Restoration to rebuild teeth, in which materials such as resin, porcelain or amalgam are used.

Replacement of a natural dental root for a titanium dental prosthesis that is fixed at the jawbone or at the skull.

Commonly called root canal treatment, this area takes care of dental pulp and root injuries and diseases.

The use of the microscope allows a more accurate diagnose and better execution of the dental procedures.

Dental aesthetics is the area that solves problems of harmony aesthetics, through the use of resins, ceramic facets and veneers.

Tooth whitening
Stains, internal and external pigments removal in order to recover the natural color of the teeth.

Diagnosis and treatment using fixed and/or removable braces, in order to correct dental occlusion and dental crowding.

Identification and cure of infectious and inflammatory processes of the gum and of the teeth supporting tissues.

Pediatric Dentistry
Care of pregnant women, babies and children at a special room. As they wait, children can enjoy our toys room and educational games.

Dental prosthesis
Substitution of lost teeth through a fixed or removable, partial or total prosthesis, in order to improve aesthetics and chewing.

Dental specialty that is responsible for taking care of problems related to facial bones and teeth. Services such as impacted teeth removal (wisdom teeth, for example), bone graft and implants are part of this area.

Orthognathic surgery
Fixes dental-facial deformities, taking in consideration aesthetical and functional aspects of the face and teeth.

Inhalation analgesia
Conscious sedation using nitrous oxide to reduce anxiety, minimizing perception of pain in dental interventions.

An area that is fundamental to diagnose teeth and bone problems.

Laser therapy
Use of laser to help prevent and heal dental procedures. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and biomodulator effects.

Snoring treatment
Identification and treatment of obstructive apneas that cause difficulty to pass the air through the upper airways.

Treatment with physiotherapist for TMJ disorders (temporomandibular joint), postural and facial problems.